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Slippery slope..

The deal is.. this is impossible to police.. and have a clear and concise understanding of what is UNPLEASANT.

I have found the actions and behaviors of a otherwise well respected forum members and moderators as extremely UNPLEASANT. Does that mean that he/she should be banned???.

**its never gonna happen mind you**...

I personally think that Noobs and some Senior Members need to get tougher skins... We aren’t your mommas.. It isn’t our job to make you feel good about yourself.. or your skate purchases... Nor is it our job to research topics or historical threads that have been talked ad nauseam... just because you havent the time.. or interest in doing the research yourself.

Nor do senior members need to agree with other senior members. And when/if these senior members want to pout and run out of the forum in a huff.. it really isnt a great loss.

Most, end up coming back...and if they dont.. we need to respect their CHOICE.. and not look at it as if we should have created a softer pillow for them to lay on, so that they would stay.

Of course there are some jokers..*such as myself* that always push the boundaries of good taste... chit stirring... but ONE must know when enough is enough.. and to pull back.

For those that do not have the abilities to understand forum rules.. or control themselves during a "rousing debate"... then I think the ban button (1 month).. could be used more often..

but also.. for those that want to whine and say.. Im leaving if I dont get my way....

well dont let the cyber door spank you on your tushie on your way out.

If you took this mentality with skating.. that the first time you got a boo boo or bit the big one.. youd quit... youd have never learned to skate.

Buck up there camper...and climb on board... its a wonderful ride!!!

Im just sayin...

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