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Originally Posted by Kathie Fry View Post
<< How about instead of losing potentially good new forum members, the mods actually ban the people that are causing the problems >>

That's what we do, but we have never been super heavy-handed about moderating and banning people. We don't do it just because people are arguing or disagreeing with each other. We only do it if people are knowingly violating our forum policies, and they continue violating them after being warned.

That being said, several users have lost their forum accounts this week. We reinstated two of those accounts after email discussions, but one of those users immediately re-lost their posting privileges.


- Kathie
Having been part of public/private forums for many, many years, being a moderator imo is a thankless job, and I think you do a great job of knowing when/when not to intervene. Problem is the people who have been troublemakers most certainly have never been a mod, plus some see it as an honor to martyr their cause by being booted.

I guess some people will never, ever get a clue, or worse yet indifferent to rules or what is good for the group at large.
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