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Originally Posted by Mort View Post
40, that exercise is OFF SKATES I dont think youd hurt yourself on foot
Jeez Mort, you might want to lead with that next time! Had I been more gungho/stupid, my next post might have been from a body cast. I felt pretty stupid when I read that but in my defense I did see a few videos of people on skates on stairs recently. (And to be honest, I have stumbled going up stairs before.)

Originally Posted by MANY_SkatingDave View Post
6> Was going to be Stopping
Most progression skaters do the wall hit, just slow down,, or some other stop to begin with yet as they get better they start to play with different stops. BTW the Toe Stop Drag should not be used... Unless you are an Art Skater and are on your Good Wheels and are afraid of a flat spot. You have a lot of stops to play with from the angled T-Stop, to Spin Stops, to SnowPlows and then maybe the flashy hockey stop. I like the Spin and Slide on the Seat stop, or the roll on the rug slow down stop.
You forgot one other way to stop: running into someone. Happened to me when I first started. Guy skated right in front of me and had plenty of time to stop but he caught me off guard so it was like a slomo collision. No one fell or anything but mucho embarasso. After that I focused on the T-Stop. Can also do the Toe drag. Use those two for slowing down when I'm going fast. I save the spin stop for when I'm going at a slow to moderate speed.

I'm surprised none of you mentioned skating on 1 skate in your lists. It seems to me that once I started getting comfortable on 1 skate, a lot of other things either opened up for me or got easier.


I had a great session the other night - not a lot of people there when the session started so I figured it was now or never. I finally made some progress going backward that night. Shifting my weight, scissoring with one foot, etc. Actually was able to get going pretty smoothly BUT my enthusiasm made me want to go faster (maybe a "guy" thing?) which is when the wipeouts started occurring. I need to force myself to take it slow until I get more control. I did take some time to practice stopping while going backwards (just use the toe stops). I can also transition fwd - bwd using a spin (can't get the hang of a mohawk yet). I think I'm going to start working on backwards crossovers/crosspulls next though.
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