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Default Sure_Grip Classic

Hey Doc,

I recently got back into skating about two months ago. It's been over 30 years and have a some questions. I just bought a pair of Sure-Grip Classic plates (what are your thoughts on these plates?) and was offered the option of other cushions. Black (standard) Blue (72) Yellow (79) Purple (85) Red (93). No durometer rating was given for Black and not being sure if Black was the hardest or softest, I went with Black. I have read later after buying them that you pitch most if not all Black cushions that come your way lol. Where do the Black cushions fall on the durometer or quality scale? For someone my size 6'1 250 lbs would you recommend a harder cushion? I was hoping to get away with some that are a bit softer so i don't feel the dips valleys as much in my local rink.

After your durometer recommendation can you point me in the right direction for the proper cushion upgrade for the classic plate? Many I have found say NOT for the classic. I am going to be changing to the reverse kingpin upgrade when I upgrade the cushions.

Thank You
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