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Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
Jessica, have you ever tried ibuprofen before a skate? I'm not sure if there are any adverse effects, but I know it has helped me minimize foot pain in the past with no apparent impact on my performance (other than being able to concentrate on skating, not the pain) I have neuromas in both of my feet that still act up from time to time even in my customs. When they get cranking, it feels like a white hot knife in my feet.
Yup - I used to down the stuff like crazy until I read it was really bad to do so before an intense workout. I wish I still had the article. Basically it's not so good for your kidneys and can cause permanant damage. I took a Tylenol instead but it didn't do a damn thing.

It's San Antonio, FL btw. A wee little speck on the map, hardly even a town. Never been to SATX. Austin is lovely though
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