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For you guys that use mineral spirits: Have you ever cleaned BSB Swiss or Swiss Lite bearings using spirits and, if so, did you also clean the plastic clip in the same solution?

I'm not sure what that "plastic" is made of or if mineral spirits would damage it, but it's a pain to get the factory grease out of there. I've tried using a few different types of solvents, but nothing petroleum-based. I usually go at the clip with a toothbrush, but I'm just not getting the grease off and I'm sure there's still some grit stuck to those parts. I do the plastic/nylon/whatever by hand in a pan, The bearings I wash in a Bones cleaner jar thing.

Personallly, I've always had trouble cleaning bearings. They never seem to come out right, I'm sure it's my technique. This is a good thread though, and my wife's bearings are HURTING for a cleaning about now I'm tempted to try the bearings with mineral spirits in the bones cleaner. They advise against it, but if anyone's had success with this combination I'm willing to try it out.
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