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Originally Posted by BWI-Sheldon View Post
I pull the nylon ball retaining cage out and throw them and the bearings in mineral spirits.

After swishing them all around I will spin each bearing by hand in the solution until I feel them free of dirt.

Then every thing is taken out and shook free of mineral spirits.

Next, everything gets rinsed off by placing them in 90% or higher alcohol and swishing them around. This washes off the mineral spirits and will cause the bearings to dry immediately leaving no residue.

The bearings are place on a clean cloth and I put on 3 drops of "3in1" oil and give them each a spin to coat all the balls.

Using a toothpick (or anything fine) I carefully separate the balls, of each bearing, to equally space them in the races. Now you can pop the nylon ball cage back on. (don't force them or you can damage the nylon)

Finally I will add 3 more drops of oil.
I want to try this method with acetone. I'm no chemist, so I want to be certain that a couple minutes in acetone will not damage the plastic cages and that the combination of acetone and alcohol in the rinse process will not result in a nasty chemical reaction.

Call me cautious. I've been at a pool facility when a dumb lifeguard accidentally combined muratic acid and chlorine basically creating mustard gas.
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