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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
I will agree to that but it is really not all that relevant to the sk8 bearing discussion. I have sk8ed 8 ball Fafnirs that were frozen solid with rusty gunk. They cleaned up and rolled with hardly a whisper... and keep on rolling...

I understand your background and appreciate your concerns...but SK8 bearings are NOT precision machine bearings. The applications are as different as night and day. I suggest most sk8rs routinely sk8 and have no issues with bearings that would be thrown away in a precision machine application...

Which is why we all keep telling people "ABEC rating is pretty irrelevant to skating applications" (to paraphrase).

It is nice to get input from people with some education in the field of precision bearings but, as Doc said, a skate ain't a precision machine - heck, the tolerances in wheel hubs and between inner bearing race and axle would make a machine operator/engineer cry in most cases
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