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As a former runner who has competed in a lot of road races...I think Scott makes a good point. A lot of us are so used to events that are plentiful and easily to get to...and coming to the skating world it's a big adjustment. I love the long distance stuff myself and I'm fortunate to have a 60 mile skate/bike event that I did yesterday.

This event, which in the past few years I have mentioned many times on the forum, had about 12 skaters. A couple of years ago I started a thread here asking for suggestions on how to improve this event...I got one response. It's a tough sell. As usual I was the only "local" skater within a 50 mile radius to participate in this event. There are many, many skaters in this area but most would rather do a few laps inside a rink.

There are so many factors making these events difficult to promote. My first race experience for example was at the ill-fated Toronto Marathon which had about 60 skaters. My first impression was that the bulk of the racers were a group of unfriendly, elite skinsuited weenies. That's a problem too...the perception by rec skaters that they don't fit in.

Having said that, I drove 2 hours to find some hills a couple of weeks ago to see if I might be able to be up to the a2a challenge. It didn't go well as my groin injury that I've been nursing for about 6 months reared it's ugly head again. No a2a this year...but I'll continue to try to be a good ambassador for the sport....but it's an uphill battle sometimes.
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