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Originally Posted by dcuper1 View Post
it seems like you cheated if you participated in the Athens to Atlanta competition, but you didn't really go from Athens to Atlanta.

What I mean here is that the main attraction of this race is going from A2A and if you do the 52 or 38 miles, even though they are really long and it takes a very good skater to finish them, you didn't really go from A2A. This makes less people willing to go to this event if they won't go the distance of 87 miles.

Originally Posted by Jim White View Post
The distances that A2A offers are because they are between good starting/stopping places. A 42k, and a 21k would start/end in the middle of no-where.
Don't they just measure 52 miles from the finish and start the race there and do the same thing to the 38 miles? Couldn't they do just the same thing for 42k and 21k? Am i missing something?

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