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[QUOTE=More Cowbell While skating with one of these guys, I mentioned that I had come to a couple of club practices and been treated shabbily, and he reacted with surprise... until I mentioned I had been on rec skates. "Well, that's why, then," he said. Yeesh! Bad news for our sport if this sort of thing is common.[/QUOTE]

Sorry to hear that Lawrence. The people I know from Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal don't care what you skate on (3 different clubs). Joel & I skate on hybrids (K2 radical 90's) which are essentially high end rec skates and none of our skating friends care, and I might add some of them are the best in Canada (Olympic medalists in ice). Hopefully you can find another club in your area with skaters that don't care about the equipment but care about the skater.

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