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Originally Posted by More Cowbell View Post
While skating with one of these guys, I mentioned that I had come to a couple of club practices and been treated shabbily, and he reacted with surprise... until I mentioned I had been on rec skates. "Well, that's why, then," he said. Yeesh! Bad news for our sport if this sort of thing is common.
Have you been back now that you have speedskates? I think dropping into club practices in the middle of the season may be problematic, but the coach should have explained to you and made you welcome.

Don't get discouraged though because you'll meet people (mostly your age group:-) that will have similar level and objectives, and it'll be fun and your technique will improve. Also take a group lesson in the beginning of the season is a good way to be introduced.

By the way, same thing with cycling club I dropped in recently, but now I could go skating with their intermediate level rides (minus the climb:-) although not everyone is thrilled. I don't mind all I need is to be able to draft one guy:-)
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