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Originally Posted by sk8crazy View Post
Really sorry to hear that about your experiene at the Toronto race. I'm certain that I was there in a volunteer capacity because Joel (my husband) & I did for the TISC marathon. Most of the skaters were from Toronto, Ottawa & Montreal. It is true that we are a tight group, but it is only because there are so few of us. I hope that you will come to another race in Canada (Montreal 24hour or Ottawa Festival) sometime, because we really are a friendly group.

I might mention that I am definitely not an elite skater (probably the slowest skater of all of them) and Joel is at the advanced level. We have been most welcomed by all those skaters (some of which are Olympic medalists in short track ice), although you are correct, it can be intimidating seeing people in their skinsuits sociliazing with each other. It was for us the first time or two we went to an event. But, for the most part if you introduce yourself around, you'll always find a friendly person or two, or three in the crowd.

Thanks. I wasn't a rec skater in the sense that I was on rec skates..I had speed skates...just a back of the packer (1:37) and a newer skater. Of course the Toronto race failed to draw enough people to survive and I was using it as an example of a failed event to contrast it with A2A which has a long run of success. I just think we can learn things from the failures as well as the success'.
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