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Originally Posted by Jim White View Post
How are they publicized to skaters?
Jim (Hijack warning)

The skate event I mentioned that took place last weekend (Pere Marquette Bike/Skate) was on the RRN calendar a couple of years ago. I made a very hard push to promote it on the forums and to local skaters. When it started out, for the first years I was the only one who skated the event. Then I got Roto (Jeff) from RRN interested and we had a high of about 30 skaters a couple of years ago.

I communicated with the event directors and pushed for some changes and more publicicty and was met with a brick wall.

I made a post on this forum asking for ideas on how to work with them and make this a better event and draw more response from the forum. I worked with two of the local speedskating teams to recruit skaters and build up the event. They were not interested and nobody from either team showed up.

I guess I feel that if folks don't want to support these events I can't force them at gunpoint. I think they are missing out on a lot of fun though.

I know you are a great supporter of events...the Grand Rapids indoor event this year for example...but not many others do.

Oh...and the 2007 Spirit Challenge is not a skating event (Sept 8th). It is another 60 mile event that I have skated along with the handcycles and bikes for years. As far as I know I'm the only one who has ever skated it.
They must promote it somewhere because a lot of handcyclist' and cyclist show up but the website just gives a number to call for information. Great event, well supported with a lunch and prize drawing at the end. Won a GPS a couple of years back.

If you have ideas on how I can get a lot of these indoor skaters to skate outside I'm all ears. There are a ton of skaters around but they stay inside.
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