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If you have ideas on how I can get a lot of these indoor skaters to skate outside I'm all ears. There are a ton of skaters around but they stay inside.

I don't know how to get many indoor skaters to skate out, and am not concerned because they are only a small part of the potential outdoor event skaters, one reason being that many can't skate 60 miles, or even 10. Consider Duluth, or the Detroit and Elkhart races earlier this year, and the Battle Creek race in 2005. Few of the skaters in those races were indoor speedskaters. But some are, so keep marketing events to them. Others are recreational skaters, session skaters, and speed skaters from other parts of the country. Market the event to them, or at least keep it on the RRN calendar, or another of the calendars mentioned, so people who are looking for an event can know about it. Hand out fliers at other skate events, indoor and out. Talk up the event on forums, including forums which appeal more to indoor skaters than this one.
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