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Mark-the bulk of the roads are in pretty decent shape. There used to be the notorious gatorback for 6 miles or so, but that is gone now. Aside from the typical variation you could expect over 87 miles, it's all pretty decent. There is a couple mile stretch just before the end that is fairly rough, as if the beast is taking one last swat at your willpower, but after that it's smooth sailing and mostly slightly down hill from there. I'm getting chills thinking about it. It is so awesome as you exit that stretch, because it really is smooth sailing from there. You skate through "little five points" where people are sitting at the sidewalk cafe, reading the paper and drinking coffee on a lazy Sunday morning/afternoon. Your day has been anything but lazy by that time. The feeling I get at that time is sheer excitement and joy mixed with the accomplishment of knowing that I put it all together again.
I can't wait.
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