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Originally Posted by Jessica View Post

With these decisions put before the Skate Club (without any warning), we
have been faced with the decision, and with deep regret, that
will no longer be involved with the Squiggy Inline Classic. Our original
intent when asked to Participate in Squiggy since the Inaugural year was to
have Fun, make Friends and donate Funds to the Park for all to benefit (just
for a great cause, right?). Well, that focus have simply disappeared, and
we have now found ourselves self-employed to the Rangers in order to
increase WTA's bottom line. If Joe Humble knows how to put on an Inline
Marathon by himself, then so be it!
Jessica, do not get too mad yet!!

Read the quote above where Breeze says that it's that will not work with the rangers and Joe Humble. Breeze writes that Joe can put it on him self.

As I read it, its Breeze that do not want to organize on those terms (that be fair or not or or or) but if we can find somebody else to talk to/work with Joe Humble and then put it on, I'm sure Breeze will help the new organizers with all he learned the previous years.

As soon I'm back from A2A, I'll talk to Breeze and see what's going on and if there's any opening with Joe Humble for still doing the race.

We need a race in Florida, so anybody out there ready to help get this fixed?!?!

Back with more after A2A.
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