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You are in the technique and confidence stage...

Unless they were stupid and decided to sprint out the 15 laps...You need basic pack speed. (10 to 11s laps).

Lots of technique drills...You need to eck the most out of each and every push. I personally can cruise for a long time at the 11s mark but the moment I get beyond that I'm pushing too hard end up going too deep in the corner...I need to work on getting my butt into the corner...To set it up early enough so I don't go wide.

Intervals help period full stop end of sentence. That said until you have technique it won't do that much good. The last time you can use muscle power to get through indoors is Juvenile...
Intervals really help for the 50 lap open when you need to do a couple of 10s laps to break the pack apart or to respond to the attack. But you have to have the technique to be in there in the first place.
- Mark
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