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Originally Posted by panch0 View Post
Birgit... I knew you weren't going to skate it but I thought maybe you came down to check it out!

I'll be there for Squiggy... no worries!
Yes I was seriously thinking of that, but I ended up having to work - don't you hate it when work gets in the way of your social life

Pjewww <letting out a big sigh of relief> I was getting worried that the Smurfs would not come - I mean you PanchO, uuppps did my outside voice say that

Also other news is there will be an Iron Squiggy, for those of you that excell in more than skating - read more about it here

Remember that Squiggy is a bunch of activities, so if you have "family issues" to deal with bring them and make it a family activity weekend!

Ohh yes and I was nerding all night last night and got the site to work in Firefox - very proud of my self! and I also washed and vacuumed my car this morning and found 15 pens and 15million dollars in pennies... so well both site and my car is ready to be shown off
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