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Originally Posted by JLSmith526 View Post
So I just bought my first pair of speed skates. I bought the Bont Enduro's. I used the sizing guide, and that seems to be at what is recommended. Toe is touching the end but not curled or cramped.

Problem is once I get the boot on and skate about 100 ft I'm having major arch pain. I've made sure the middle of the boot is only taut and not overly tight, but I still have this pain in the arch of my foot. Maybe there isn't enough arch support, this is an issue I've had in the past a little bit with running shoes, and I've found I can only really use Brooks running shoes.

I feel like my foot is flexing in a lot of weird ways as I skate, as I am trying to figure out the whole aspect of not having ankle support.

Am I doing something wrong? Is there an arch support out there that will fit in a speed skate, or should I be trying to mold the bottom of the boot up to give more support to my arch?

I'm trying to find a local coach or someone with experience to help me, but haven't had luck yet. I'm in Denver, Colorado.
I had that problem and then some with Bont "Semi-Race" skate. Was fit by Bont rep Glenn Koshi too!
The Luigino "Bolt" boot has a very nice arch they call "Pro-E". Worked wonders for me. If you happen to fit a size 8, I could sell you my pair to play around with. If not I'd suggest ordering from a place with a good return policy such as inlinewarehouse dot com and carpet test them.

As to ankle support, starting with a smaller wheel/lower frame deck height (100mm high-low frame should do, and could be found used pretty cheap these days), will help you develop the strength and technique needed to skate a low cut race boot.
The other alternative would be Bont's "new" 2 point 195 mount Semi-Race skate boot, ordered from them with the "semi-custom" option specifically asking for a high arch. I'm actually considering doing just that despite how much trouble I had with my first generation three point Semi-Race skates. Not because I don't have the strength and technique to skate a well fitted low cut race boot but because I've had a nasty case of peroneal tendonosis which I don't want to aggravate again.

Fwiw, I use the Yellow capsule Superfeet which has a narrow heel cup designed to fit skates and bike shoes in my K2 Mod 125 "marathon" skates but couldn't see putting them in a speed skate boot which if fit correct shouldn't have enough room to accomadate an insole -
No idea about Bont's insole, that it's designed by them for their products it's probably worth a try.

Good luck.
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