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Default Upgrading my OJ skates

So I recently got another pair (the third, to be exact) of those Sure-Grip Joggers from the 80's, and just got some new toe stops and wheels for them. Nothing exciting, really, but I took a whole bunch of pictures, here:

These are the first pair I've found in my size, so I was totally psyched to get them to use as commuter skates, now that I have a job I can skate to. Or potentially could, if I get a lot better at handling obstacles.

I got Sure-Grip brand toe protectors which I then mangled to get them around a fixed toe stop. Swapped the yellow toe stops that may as well have been made of sidewalk chalk ((side note: Did I just invent something amazing? Can someone please make me bolt-on sidewalk chalk for skates?)) which were alse Sure-Grip.

Kryptonix Wheels are apparently also now made by that company, which I didn't know, and they aren't marked 78A on the front, but whatever. So thanks to the wheels, the phrase "Sure-Grip" is on each skate seven times between the plate, toe guard, toe stop, and wheels. Which is fine, but it wasn't like an intentional statement on my part, although it sure looks like one. Anyway.

Next is changing out the kingpins for allen key ones because the slotted ones are super annoying. I have an elephant wrench now, which means I can at least adjust them, but if the kingpins' threads match, I'ma try to switch them when I change out the cushions. Conveniently, I'm still deciding between blue or yellow. And then I'll probably hammer eyelets into the boot, since it is definitely stressed there.

The best word for these skates is "comfy". Even with the trucks pretty loose, turning is a fight compared to the Jogger wheels, but if all I want to do is roll more or less forward, they are down. The huge size seems to make them preserve momentum a lot longer, so I just roll and roll and roll down the asphalt bike path nearby.
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