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Question 4x84 or 4x90 better for distance crosstraining?

Hello! I'm a female ultramarathon runner who's switching from Blue Streak Avenger quads to inline skates for outdoor training (adore my Blue Streaks but sick to megadeath of avoiding / hitting / flying over stupid stones), and so need advice please. My situation:
  • Skate sessions will be 20-40kms 1-2/week, mostly solid longbase to complement more specific run workouts.
  • Prefer safety & control over excess speed & ease of speed - am there to workout after all, and cannot afford a crash injury!
  • Currently an intermediate to advanced level quad skater, will spend rink time retraining stops etc. for inlines.
  • Will skate on sealed roads and footpaths, just the usual bumps, cracks, driveways, and stones.
  • Am light-framed, 52kg human if it makes a difference.

I've done a bunch of research and feel either 4x84 or 4x90 setup would be best for me. I really like the sound of Adapt Hyperskate Zeros, and of course they look great for casual use as well as for training, but am also considering Seba models such as GTX84, GT90, Trix 2 90 (hard to tell which is best for me!)

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
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