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Originally Posted by ursle View Post
I again would advise the op to ignore the trash talk and advice unless of course he's a delusional, short, fat old man that can't articulate his ankles and trolls around on skate log.
Inlines are great for speed, quads are great for fun, anyone posing on quads pretending they have the accomplishments of an inline speed skater, is simply trolling.
Bad advice, right, show us your two broken shoulders due to ineptitude, and a broken wrist, again due to ineptitude, and hopefully no others have broken bones following delusional advice.
Anyway, hopefully the op will sort out the bs and delusional ranting from reality.
Character assassination is the sign of nothing else available to back up your bogus assertions, which looking at them would inform most people who the real troll is here.

I have EVIDENCE for my assertions that Helium wheels are a poor outdoor wheel choice - 16 wheels with higher mileage ones ALL showing progressive premature degradation from excessive cuts and progressive debonding.
Since so much hot air is pouring out of ursle's oversize mouth lately, I am forced to document these wheels with fresh PICs, which when soon posted will put a plug in it said mouth and stop the flow of spew.

People, just search all posts by ursle and notice there is NEVER a PIC or two to back up what is asserted. Then look at my posts from the past. SLF is about sharing accurate and useful info, not trash talk. We can spot the real troll here if we look.

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