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I would have to agree with you, ramarfori. However, I don't have much depth in this matter, considering '11 was my first NSIM. While the results plot is time based... what I am more interested in is the distribution within each group as well as the separation between groups. Seeing this information has helped me to understand a little better which wave I should be in so that I can perform well without being in over my head.

One plot I will put together shortly (firstly, for my own use...maybe I'll post) is lumping together all elite and advanced men in my age bracket in order to see if I should consider moving to elite or just be content with moving up to A.

Considering '12 was tailwind and '13 was headwind... what tactics worked (or didn't) each year? In B1 this year for me the tactic was, in essence, get a seat on the bus and keep it, then just ride the bus to the finish line. It almost worked, except for the calf cramp at 20.5 which ended up costing me about 3:30
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