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Originally Posted by Birgit View Post
Bill and everybody else

I have not said anything about the specifics of the lawsuit - and that will be my viewpoint till it is settled in court.

But yes I and was served with a civil lawsuit from the former organizer Dec. 28 2007 about copyright infringement, it was filled "pro se" and filled in Federal Court. I have a lawyer and the lawsuit is in "discovery process" and then it will go to court with a jury. When that is, I have no idea.

One thing I will say though is that I have all the legal documents and those are public records, so if anybody wants to read the premises of the case, I'll send you the files. In those files is also my plead/viewpoint/arguments.

What I will not say is any details and what I think of this and that - yes I have a very clear viewpoint on this - but I will not make it a discussion on a board that is about skating. The lawsuit is filed and my lawyer and the person that filed it against me are taking care of it.

So please board, I know this is just too exciting to discuss here in the midst of winter, where lots of us can't skate. But I beg to you that stop the speculations online and just contact me in person if you have any questions.
As long as this is in "discovery" with the lawyers any discussion/speculation etc is actually not helping me nor the race.

I had hoped that it would not go public, but after this series of emails that has been sent - I guess it has So please let's stop this discussion, let's concentrate on what we are here for, namely to skate and discuss skating.

I will promise that I will let you guys know the outcome of the case, but let the lawyers and courts do their job.

But thanks for all the support and I promise that I, Jessica and Jim will do our outmost to make it a very very good event.

Ok so more than a year ago I promised to tell the story when it was out of the court system and today I can say happy and all that


I will put up a press release as soon as my lawyers are done with it - so for know all I'll say is that the case was for a 7 person jury in the Federal Court in Tampa and let me say it one more time


More very soon!!!

And thanks to you all for the amazing support both I and Jessica and Squiggy Classic Inline have been shown through this past year.

Thanks I owe you all a huge big hug!!! Come collect next time you see me!!!

ohh and btw we have Squiggy Classic Inline 2009 in just a very few days - come and skate and have fun!!
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