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Originally Posted by excelsk8 View Post
True, fun is important, but I'd say SAFE first and foremost, the downhill in Prospect Park can be really challenging, maybe not in the get go when your legs are fresh, but when your legs are shot is definitely not the same!

Thanks everyone here for supporting this great race, this year it really does promise to be bigger and better than ever before!

Very good point, Francisco. I found that last year (my first race) on the last lap in particular, when I hit the steepest part of the downhill, that I was having trouble keeping my skates controlled due to fatigue. Going full speed down that hill, my skates started to get a bit "squirrely" on me. There was one moment when I momentarily lost some control of my left skate due to that, and I almost fell.
So as I got up, an old man who had observed the whole incident said ... "You're too old to skate."

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