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Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
That was a fun weekend.

Originally Posted by speedysktr View Post
The Chicagoland Marathon is three weeks away. Plenty of time for anyone and everyone that skates to make plans to come out and experience the fun of a marathon. There is nothing better than the buzz of excitement before and after a race. I feel like most of us that skate are warriors at heart and this is the chance to experience that feeling of pure animal instinct, no thinking, no talking, just pure adrenaline as your body takes over and your inner beast is unleashed. There is something about experiencing a maximum physical effort that takes you closer to that primordial self. Once you touch on that it gives you a much greater appreciation of yourself as a whole.

To all the skaters that feel like racing is for racers only, you're wrong baby. We all started out in our fitness skates. For most of us that race, we're not doing it because we're the best or the fastest or even have a shot at winning. We do it because it's our chance to feel the most alive that we can. It's our chance to feel like the salmon swimming up stream against the odds screaming out I want to live. I hate going to any event to watch. I wanna do it. All you skaters out there, if you were there watching, you'd wanna do it too. So remember this, it's gonna happen three weeks from now and now that I've reminded you, it's gonna stick in your brain and if you don't go, you'll be mad at yourself. Avoid that BS and get out there and be one of the skaters that said,
"Hell yeah, I did it and then I ate a large pizza all by myself!"

So do you want to be one of the ones that said:

Hell yeah, I did it!!!

or will you say:

"nah, I didn't go because insert non-life affirming reason here"
100% agreed!... sigh... maybe I should be you best friend Speedy!
Hasta la Pista!!
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