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Originally Posted by WonderGirl View Post
and consider having a can in the back/trunk.

(I'm looking at you Birgit! )

Or it really may not be a problem and I'm too whacked on coffee and fingers needed something to do when I should be packing instead.
Having a can in the trunk is for sissies - us tough Vikings, we rather walk than... And I just cleaned my car, so your Highness will not get dirty

You better get some packing done - no being late at the flight!!

This I just got this via the A2A list:

"The confirmed skater list with all pre-registered skaters has been updated on the website at It includes all applications received via or u.s. mail as of today; additionally, it reflects any bus/distance changes that I have via email.

Please let me know if you see any errors.

Thanks, Jim chapman, a2a registration"

I counted some 150 skaters +/-

Thatīs going to be he** of a Friday night skate though the darkness of Atlanta - see y'all in just a wee bit!

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