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Surprised there is no interest in inline art wheels I'm planning on making some 103A62mm wheels out of some bones eliteQuad wheels. will need to setup a fixture and figure out how to machine the wheels.probably fly cut them on a bridgeport. A friends daughter is skating on one of the smallersized snow white frames that has 64mm wheels. he wanted to try 100A wheels. I found some 94A wheels but they are 67mm. they might work. I think better then the 64A wheels they are using now. best wheel might be if hyper made the right size wheel using their hardest speed wheel compound. the smallest indoor speed wheel I have are 76mm and they are softer then the 80mm hyperoctane wheels that are popular. A 1" wide 62mm bones elite might work,I'll try fly cutting a wheel on a mill. or turning one on a lathe. to make them narrow enough to fit an inkline frame.

I'm sorprised Roll Line hasn't stepped up with a frame or wheel. hacjing $990 wheels just to hopefuly get a wheel isn't the best approach, but might be the only way to get the desired setup. I'll need to contact some old speed buds and try to score some old indoor speed wheels they might work as stock for art wheels if they can be made to correct size. if they are old and worn the pricewill be right.
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