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Arthur Lee
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It's not just the durometer to consider only when you try to find the suitable inline wheel for art inline skating. I manufacture SnowWhite frames and have concluded the factors that affect art inline skating performance. See the link below:

Wheel size is not an issue here, it is subject to the frame length which relates to the match of skater's boot size.

Currently SnowWhite is supplying 86A 64/68/72mm SpeedMax wheels and we have received many positive feedback from worldwide SnowWhtie skaters. The hardness will be up lifted to 89A without any sacrifice on the rebound in soon.

During 2008 worlds, we offered a brand new 'Synergy' wheel - 72mm only at this moment - which is specially designed for elite skaters for their competition. ERIC TRAONOUEZ says it's a fantastic wheels. We are working on the web page to give introduction of this new wheel.

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