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Understanding knee pain is the first step
The knee is where the muscles of the lower and upper legs are attached, by ligament and tendon, the ligaments and tendons are simply holding the muscles, they must be stretched and strengthened slowly over time, when you start up a new strenuous activity, you have to give the tendons and ligaments time to catch up with the muscles, meaning, the muscles have great blood flow, and recover quickly, unlike the ligaments and tendons.
Before skating, loosening the muscles is a good start, I use a roller from trigger point, I roll my hips and the outside of the upper leg (the IT band) and especially my shins, I kneel on the sucker and roll ten times, itís pleasurely painful.
I also rub arnica gel into the muscles, all this after a session in the hot tub, so when Iím actually exercising, the muscles are all ready, I simply need to remember what they do, snowboard, bike, skate, etc.
Some ibuprofen before isnít addictive, but donít mask real pain, recover a day or so before continuing, if it takes two or three months to get comfortable on skates without lots of pain, so be it
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