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Same for me. I always have goals that represent ways that I need to improve my skating. Faster times over known courses of races routes.

I structure workouts to have metrics, so I can monitor/confirm my extent of progress. I have distance goals for every session. Weekly goals based on weather permitting amount of training time available.

Until this past week, Spring weather here in Chicago has been horrible.
Ten days ago after another week of no training bad weather had finished, eating the weekend too, we got a decent enough Monday for be to do 18 miles.

Then when I saw that after Tue. we were in for several more rainy days, I decided I must skate on Tue. PM, no matter what, just to get as close as I could to a measly 40 miles in 10 days.

On Tue. PM I felt fine and started out going south into the wind for 8+ miles.
The wind died out some, by the time I reached the turnaround and headed north, so I did not get as much assist on the way back.

As I approached the worst stretch of pavement on the way back, just over a mile from my car I started to run out of gas. Made it through the bad zone ans headed up the longest uphill stretch of the path through a construction where a too narrow, too sharp temporary detour turn had been badly conceived.

Already slowed from the hill and feeling tired, I slowed more to let two side-by-side bikes cut the corner before I reached it.

There is that point in the transition from rolling at speed to almost stopping where you kind of lose track of your balance from the loss of rolling momentum, and right then this happened to me triggering a fall rearward to my left, with my left ankle rolling out right below my falling weight.

I felt the pain as my left ankle bent outward and hyperextended to the limit point of where ankle parts start to tear and/or break.

My first thought was "how much training time will I lose?"
I got up and "limp skated" back to the car feeling good that I could at least put some weight down on the foot.

This injury is a severe ankle sprain with major trauma to ligaments and muscles - some slight tearing possible.
It's now 9 days since the fall, and I am steadily improving my limp speed and nearing a normal gait, but my focus remains on how soon can I lace up my skates again. I am shooting for this Sat. or Sun.

Am I addicted to skating? - no doubt about it!

Rollin' on AIR

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