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Originally Posted by Doc Sk8 View Post
Stage 1 SEDS Skate Equipment Deficiency Syndrome......

A sk8r realizes they do not have a particular piece of necessary rare, expensive and /or obsolete sk8 equipment...... This commonly occurs to returning sk8rs that want to re-create their old sk8s or the sk8s they always dreamed of...Their sk8ing pleasure is now deficient...and they are on a quest to get the sk8 item they need to be happy.

Stage 2 SEDS Skate Equipment Dependency Syndrome......

The sk8r has successfully searched high and low and SCORED their needed item...but in the process they pick up a few other items...then a few more and soon the sk8r (now a SEDS victim) is constantly on the prowl for more.... In other words dependent on getting more and better cool sk8ing stuff....

Sk8rs will jump back and forth between Stage 1 and 2. It is a never ending cycle...with NO known cure.....

BEWARE Full blown SEDS can be dangerous to wallets, friendships and sanity in general.....but it sure is fun.......
An important thing to note about the diagnostic criteria for SEDS is that the "necessity" of the gear sought out in Stage 1 is in the eye of the beholder. For instance, I own several fully functioning pairs of skates. One has Roll-Line Variants, and one has Snyder Advantages -- both pretty respectable setups. My apartment is not currently up in flames, with all my "babies" trapped and doomed to die a horrible fiery death. One might argue that I consequently did not need the size-6 Targas I picked up on eBay earlier this month, and that I certainly did not need TWO pairs. One would be wrong.

Doc's diagnosis
NOT wrong...but maybe in denial......Early stage 2....
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