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Originally Posted by TermV View Post
As far as I know I'm the only skatelogger on Furious. If you asked one of us about sk8crazy then we probably would have looked at you as if you were a little crazy yourself. We were an all-Ottawa team.
Actually, there were five Toronto-Inline Skaters that snuck into various Teams that were set up in the Ottawa Inline Paddock, but I'm pretty sure none of us were on Furious. If you had asked me, I would have known who sk8crazy was, although to me sk8crazy is kind of a two-headed online presence sharing the characteristics of both Joel and Christine.

I really wish I had a chance to skate a lap with Joel and chat more with Christine. It really felt like when I wasn't skating, I was standing out by the track with a stopwatch keeping lap times, foraging for food to refuel myself, cleaning bearings or trying to get a quick nap in. It would have been nice to have more laid back social time. Hopefully I'll see the Joel/Christine sk8crazy gestalt entity if I can drag myself out of bed for the TBN Marathon out in Hamilton Beach this weekend (my buddy's stag will be the night before).

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