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Originally Posted by sk8crazy View Post
Being married doesn't necessarily mean settling down especially if your wife skates as well. That just doubles the cost because you both want to do the events. We have 3 left this year -- Duluth, New York and the Defi. Don't know about A2A yet. His decision if he wants to go.
Jen and I have discovered the flip side of that since we've been cross training in each other's respective sports for a few years now. It got to the point last year where it was just too physically grueling to be on the road every single weekend and for me to be doing her running/tri events in between inline events, and vice versa. Since I made it back alive from A2A all by my lonesome last year, we thought we'd give it a go attending/participating less of each others events to give our bodies a break and at least have a few weekends to relax.

Of course you made A2A easy by handling the logistics of accomodations for Joel and I! All I had to do was show up at the front desk and eat breakfast in the morning. Joel was a pretty excellent room-mate. The rest of the time I just followed Richard on and off of buses and airplanes.

I'm still trying to decide about New York, but I'm in for The Defi.

Originally Posted by sk8crazy View Post
Two headed, hmmm --- well it sort of makes sense. You're right about the social time...we hardly had any time as well. Barely had a chance to visit with everyone (briefly talked with you, Morgan, Randy & some of the T-Rec's) Next year if we can get our act together we should plan one big dinner afterwards. But, they gotta serve their meals on trashcan lids!!

Probably won't make the Hamilton Beach this weekend -- family stuff. But, are thinking about planning the "Ikea Breakfast Skate" soon. Once we figure out when, we'll send out an email.

How about we plan for some Montreal Smoked Meat and Poutine next year? By the time we got to Schwartz's (after napping in the Paddock), it was dinner time and they were lined up down the street. So we settled on St Hubert on the road instead.

LOVE the Ikea Breakfast Skate!
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