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Originally Posted by Intrepid View Post
SL Team - If you took pictures or videos in Montreal I would like to include some of them in the SL DVD production. Most cameras store pictures as .jpg files and I can import that format. For video, I can import .avi, .mpg, .wmv, and .mov. files. I can copy your files off of CDs or DVDs.

Jessica has my mailing address, you can send the discs directly to me. I look forward to seeing all of the pictures and video so that I can start on the SL DVD production.

I've already compiled a set of CDs for the SL team from what we took. There's over 1.6GB, so they wouldn't fit on a single DVD (I think).

BTW, Annalisa should be mailing them out today to Jessica, Mark, Don, Tom, Jan, Doug, Mike, and course, Kathie. I got Brian's address after I went to bed yesterday, so I'll set his up to go out during the weekend. I still need Margo's address, or if not, I'll send it to Jan so he can give it to her.

Howard, if you're like a copy of the CD, let me know and I'll send you one. Just PM your address to me.
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