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Originally Posted by MN_Mike View Post
The only question is, can I train for 87 miles in 3 months?
No question, my serious training for A2A is just starting so yes, as an able bodied, already in shape skater you are actually in a perfect place to start training for this race.
Originally Posted by MN_Mike View Post
I know there are shorter distances, but I'm either gonna go big or go home.
spoken like a dyed in the wool A2A'er. Sometimes we already are certain things, we just have to discover them.

Originally Posted by More Cowbell View Post
Yes. Speedy can help you with the particulars, but you can do this, no doubt about it.

Originally Posted by chuckboucher View Post
So, who's doing the North Shore Marathon?
Signed up for and flights booked (if flying) for Chicago, (tomorrow) SPIM, NSIM and A2A.

Originally Posted by Jessica View Post
Do it!!!!! You won't regret it, I promise. You're already in great shape - you just need to start practicing your climbs and descents and you'll be just fine. See you there
Jess is right, you're already in shape and you won't regret it. Her sentiment earlier today was that she loved the atmosphere and camardarie of Montreal, but savored the A2A experience more. The people cling a little tighter out on the fringe. You can look anyone in the eye out on the fringe and say, "this is how we roll, we walk on the wild side, we're not afraid to try something that will truly push us to our limits."

Doing something with an inherent greater risk of failure, like A2A, strengthens my resolve to dig deeper. Just because there is a greater chance of failure, it doesn't make it any easier to tolerate. The simple cliches still work:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

Are you tough enough to strain yourself to your limits?

Originally Posted by Benjamin Franklin
Don't put off until tomorrow, that which you can do today.
Lawrence, I ain't lettin' up. Carpe Diem. Take a rest, but get your butt to A2A. You talk about saving money for next year, but I say capitalize on the time you've already invested in the training for this year. Time is money and if you want to save money, maintain the shape you are in and lead the way for the Skatelog A2A class of 2008. What will be the cost of letting this fitness float away? Just more work and more training to get back to where you are today. What is more taxing on your body when you skate? A nice steady firm pace or a bunch of intervals? I have no doubt you'll maintain your overall fitness, but you are in prime race shape right now. If you hone that fitness by adding some intervals, hill training and pack skating, you'll be a machine. It will never be any easier than right now to make a quantum leap in your skating. If this skate conditioning trickles away, you'll spend half of your time getting in shape to skate and honing your skate skills as opposed to right now when you are in awesome shape when you can focus almost entirely on technique and intervals.
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