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Orbitz is close to the kettering rink.

I think Castle has just evening sessions. Orbitz floor doesnt have stuff in the center, and may be a nicer session rink to attend. Ill get the rink times.




Alternate rinks, and their times, I am not checking locations other than that they are in the columbus/dayton/Cincinnati area. It may be a good idea to stay where there is the option of a different rink in case one of the sessions we attend sucks. Or if you want to visit more than 2 rinks.

Other Cincinnati rinks.

Skatetown usa

Fun Factory

The skatin place

Skate world of Vandalia

This rink is close to Orbit and Kettering.

Myself, I love what most would call a crowded floor. Our smaller rink here where I live doesn't get enough people for me until theres about 100 + people on it.

Of the rinks listed i have been to orbit on an adult night, kettering and castle on publics and I liked castle more. Orbitz has a brand new floor and is a skating rink, the floor is very large. Kettering is a fun center of sorts, they dont have as many skaters, as there are just kids on skates.

I dont have time constitutances. So what works for you? As said earlier it would be good to keep th e option of a second rink in mind for either day just in case. I like to backwards skate and some rinks in the area dont like that. Orbit doesnt care, nor did kettering.
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