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Originally Posted by Derrick View Post
If it sucks we'll have time to move on. I'm kinda oposite, I love a fairly empty rink.
As for backwards, we've never seen a no backwards rink in these parts. Can't really imagine it. I go backwards more than forwards. It would be a challenge for me to not turn around.
Yea, the rinks around there were my first encounter with such strict no backwards. The other place was Champs in Lexington Kentucky.

Friday session? Orbitz? Castle?

I didnt plan things as timelines go.

Personally I didn't like kettering that much overall. maybe because it was empty to me, or because of its setup. But the rules were pretty lax and no one complained at my speed or backwards.

The times I went to Orbit was an adult skate, and castles session was a weekend. Good crowd but they are one of those "no backwards skating" well, you can on the inside of the rink, or only during special skates, they allow full rink for backwards skating.

I really wanna check out Orbits since they have a new floor.

Ill make a list of rink potentials and times, what time must you leave out on Saturday? What time will you be in on friday? How late or earky do ya wanna skate?
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