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is skating again. WOOT!
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Still here. 12 years for me. I took time off from skating at the beginning of 2008. Work travel had me all over the place. I also fell back into riding motorcycles, doing track days, and finally got into road racing and race instruction. I had a pretty bad crash in July of 2014 and I decided to retire from racing. I was 49 at the time and it took quite a while to recover.

It was then that I started skating again as part of my recovery process. I found a team and was convinced to compete again. The rest is history, including my first ever trip to the USARS national speed championships a few weeks ago, where I placed 3rd in my sprint race, now at age 53.

I am now also a coach for the team I skate for and intend on skating until I die. I'm not as much an outdoor skater as I am an indoor skater, but I use outdoor to supplement my indoor endurance training. For indoor, I compete in the Keystone USARS League and MASSL USRSS league. For outdoor, I do the Eastern Seaboard Series.

I do hop on my quads on occasion, usually when visiting a friend in Hagerstown MD, whose family owns a rink that they've owned since it was buils over 70 years ago.
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