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Originally Posted by wired View Post
Yep, still surviving!

I got on here just a few months before you. It's been a wonderful ride! When I look at my skates; Bont boots, Avenger plates, Scott's tires, Paco's hubs, there is nothing laced on my feet that I'd know about or possibly even exist without SkateLog. That is the power of Internet forums. They bring people with a specific desire together and with their varied skill sets improve something for which they have a passion.

SL ten years ago was a very different place. Hell, the World was a different place! Considerably more of a live and let live attitude. Considerably less snark. A LOT more active posters since the competition for eyes was less. I still don't think stream of consciousness applications are as powerful at creating understanding as threaded forums. On FB all it takes is one or two a$$hats getting into it and all the good stuff is impossible to find.

I really miss (in no particular order and woefully incomplete) Biffskater, Smartin, Bill, Tremor, Rokdaddy, Rokwel, RogZilla, Mellian, HotLips, Takenbylovely, Salamamda, Darkjester, HK47, Slowsk8, Fanjet8, A-town Sk8ter, Live2sk888, Gle8, rsfaze, Christopher-T, bpike503, MFND, Jsmooth, Pitbike120, BanjoKablooey, Machine, Kennedy, Vitaman, Fresh Eddie Fresh and of course the old unvarnished Okie. Armadillo of course stands alone. There are SO many more! I'm really glad Doc and Danny are still here...

I still get in 6-8 hours of rink time a week. It's SO MUCH FUN! Age and injuries have slowed me a bit but I intend to continue skating as long as possible.

Thanks for a trip down memory lane!

Thanks for the shout out wired!
Yeah, it was a def a different place back then.
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