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Sun. 08 - 13: Out to Clear Creek Trail for some real distance instead of just marathon practice. Wanted to boost my top mileage from May's 70 but just wasn't up to it (uh oh). Lots of left leg cramping on the last 14 mile segment; I was usually able to skate it off but kept hitting different muscles, occurred mainly on the hill climbs but then started on the flat when I tried to add an extra lap...decided matching my previous distance was adequate for today.

Didn't realize that I'd bettered my elapsed time from May until I started doing the math. May's 5hr 51min for 11.965 mph, today's was 5hr 25min for 12.92mph.
5 lap/14 mi segment times stats were:

1) 59min / 14.23mph
2) 60min / 14mph
3) 65min / 12.92mph
4) 66min / 12.727mph
5) 75min / 11.199mph

A2A carrot for the mule: 87mi / 12.92mph = 6hr 42min (I really don't think so Speedy but the math looks nice. )
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