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The roads were fine, but the U turns became a bit damp and slick, particularly on the cross-walk paint as fog moisture accumulated. Hubby took a nice spill in the north end U turn, combination of fog dampness and sand on the painted cross walk surface. He was also using a lower profile wheel, so maybe did not have enough contact/bite thru the corner at high speed. That costs him a 3 stitches to the chin and a small jaw fracture. Another friend went down on the same spot, just moments after hubby had got up and out of there. The other skater suffered facial road rash, fortunately no bone fracturing. Both are also ice speed skaters, wondering if they went thru the corner(like on ice) on corresponding edges versus an A frame stance(2 footed inside edges)?

Still the venue and course was great. My group was just skating it, we were keeping a nice pace. we'd gotten in all be 3 laps when I had to bail out and drive hubby to ER. 'Til next year.
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