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Default Skating at Burning Man

Hi Skaters,

From Tuesday, Aug. 21 to Tuesday, Sept. 4, we will be packing up the skates, sound system and fuzzy costumes for the most fantastic time you'll ever have on and off wheels. We're heading for the Black Rock Desert where we will be involved in building a city in the middle of the desert and our part is to build the roller rink. I am talking about Burning Man 2007.

Our camp is the Black Rock Roller Disco. It is one of the more popular camps at Burning Man. We are open 24 hours a day. We build a skate floor about 120 ft by 60 ft. We have about 100 pairs of skates. Some are inline but most are quad roller skates. People skate all day and all night. We present skate lessons every day. One of my greatest feelings is watching the sun rise as we're skating to the music.

This year we have been placed at Center Camp on Esplanade and Evolution. It is one of the most active and visible spots at Burning Man. We have been put on the Center Camp electrical grid, meaning we will have free electricity for our camp. We will bring in a new boomin' sound system. There will be about 40,000 people there and most of them will skate at the rink at some point. This promises to be the best Burning Man experience ever.

If you are going or think about it, check out our camp info at There are videos at and at

Any burners out there?

Keep Rollin',

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