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Originally Posted by Donnylutz View Post
Okay: Quick snapshot...

I started artistic skating on quads when I was 15 and competed in freshman and sophomore. When I was 18 I switched to ice and stayed frozen until 2012. For some reason that year, at 31, I decided to return to my roots. I ended up winning novice mens freestyle at nationals in 2012.

I keep going back and forth. Roller skating is my roots and heritage, ice is SO MUCH more freeing and flowing.

I don't know a single person personally that skates on inlines. Hopefully someone can answer some questions for me????

Does it really feel like you are ice skating?, like you have inside/outside edges and all? It's so hard without having them on to imagine that feeling being recreated with wheels, but from the videos I've seen it looks quite possible.

If so, where can I get some inline skates? No one in my club has any clue and I don't even have a freestyle coach in my region to ask. In my wild fantasy I'm thinking these could be a beautiful combination of my two passions. Are they called Pik Skates, or Snow White skates?

Thanks in advance for your input!

talk to jayson sutcliffe he can tell you a lot about it,,,,,a couple of lady skaters also in the usa were at nationals. you can get the inlines online or from your rink.
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