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Hi Donny,
Pic skates and snow whites are the ones on the market today that have a "rocker" in an effort to simulate ice blades. It is not as easy as ice in fact, it is as hard to spin on them as quads. However, if you can spin on quads and on ice blades you should be able to strike a happy medium on inlines. Many people incorrectly say that spinning on inlines is easy and just like ice---but I can guarantee you that those people have never tried inlines even on let alone try to skate in them. The pic skate for your foot size would require four wheels while the snow whites would only have three. The snow white toe stops are much more similar to quad toe stops than the pic skates. I haven't tried the new pic skate toe stops but they look a little different. You may want to check out WIFSA (World Inline Figure Skating Association) site and connect with some people there or check out Snow White's site at
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