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Inline to ice is very similar. The one exception being that you always have grip when your wheels are down. The grip available varies depending on weight and applied torque and the softness/wheel compounds and skating surfaces.

Where you can stand up straight on your ice blades and not have any grip, inlines do. This is the biggest challenge to adapt to. Everything else is nearly identical in the way ice skates to inlines perform. The only other thing I can think of is when I was recently at a ice rink wearing some hockey rentals (yea Im aware how garbage rentals are) the grip increased substantially as I edged over. On an inline you have nearly the same grip at a slight tilt as you do a hard/sharp tilt.

So overall what you should expect is to almost always have grip. To spin on inlines you'll need a rockered setup or some good heel/toe skills.

I'm no figure skater either, just a guy who skates it all . Look up some slalom videos for some inline skills. There's a lot of phenomenal dexterity out there to see. Most use SEBA or powerslide skates, never heard of pik skates.

Checked up on them and their frames seem to have a rockered style where the rear wheel is, and the front wheel positioned just forward of the ball of the foot. Where the furthest spot which normally houses a wheel now houses a toe stop piece.

The "Snow White" is a plate, an inline figure plate. Honestly from their pages if you were to buy a specialized skate for imitating ice figure skating, I would use their plate on your choice of boot over those pik skates.

How many times have you simply rolled inlines? If never I'd strongly suggest a "urban" skate first, you'll get the hang of the way inlines perform versus ice skates, and the potential to sell a non specialized skate without substantial loss is greater. Urban skates are designed for abuse far beyond figure. The only downside id see is you wont have the toe pic/stop.
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