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Default Rental Skates !!!

Had a blast, even managed to bit of cross footwork. Saw more old friends then I knew I had, several thought I had died :-( I think a couple of my reasonably fast cross footwork settled that issue...I think my Snyders will be in a UPS box sometime tonoght!!

Several old judges I used to work with were there, and still judging..

But I went there to see Rose Martin, a lady that I have know since I was 12 or 13 years old.. She remembered sitting on the floor at the old Arcadia in Detroit, and admonishing little Raymond to stay clear. She could best be discribed as the Grandmother of Artistic Skating in Michigan, at least for as long as I was around it..

The best part is that I didn't land on my back side, those rental skates were trash, both rear kingpins felt like they were ten feet too tall for me. BUt I managed :-)

Ray Ninness
Bedford, NH
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