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Default Share in your frustration

I also do not agree with the way things abruptly ended. Nor do I support doing away with quads, it is the feeder system for your inlines. Had it of not been for quads, my family would not of even considered getting back into skating and now, after vowing to never switch to inlines, we have.
Allow me to correct the estimated number of quad participants, there was actually 48 of them and 60 some odd inliners.
Blaming quads for the way things went is an easy way out. If you have a problem with the way things where ran, mention it to the meet director. Iam sure the two of you will find common ground and a solution. Try something like this.
As participating numbers increase, maybe the 1:00pm session should be canceled. (How is that for starters?)
When is the last time you been to a session? Observe all of the great talent on quads. What is your approach to getting them involved with roller sports?
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