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Default Put up or shut up!

Actually, I think the meet was ran well. We just ran out of time. I had a few skaters racing, but decided to spend most of the day helping get the kids to the line. For many it was their first meet. I saw only two coaches helping with their kids.
I think the league should look at dropping the middle distance for the quads, and see which relays had the least participation and drop those from quads.
I don't think the rink owner giving up the afternoon session is even a option. Unless his /her name is Bill Werremeier.
The races went quick and there were very few call by the refs. One maybe two injuries. Now if we could just get those Cobra's to stop jumping, the meet could run even faster.
Be glad you have a league like this to compete in. Some of the skaters have been around for ever and have many national titles. If all you got from this meet was a few bitches and complaints, then host a meet and show us how it's done. Otherwise....quit singin it and bring it to Indy Baby!!!
Thank you Jimmy, Lisa, Rusty, Mike, Jim, Laurie, and all the other volunteers that make the league what it is. I appreciate it.

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